Motivational Speaker



LaQuan is more of a laid back speaker who likes to cater to the audience. She has such passion for speaking to the teens, youth, young adults, and athletes to shoot for their desires and determination of the heart. This purpose comes from goals and the quest of her goals and dreams. She has touched a wide variety of audience.

LaQuan is a small town girl who dream of playing sports. As she grew up she played every sport and was the only girl going against the boys. She held her own with the heart, passion, tenacity, and the love for the game. No one every expected this little girl from the country could bring a lot of noise. The competitiveness of competing with the boys in her hometown created a monster inside of her. Which led her to play at high level, receive numerous of awards, and taking her career to another level of professional basketball.

Against all odds, LaQuan is using her experiences to inspire, give hope, determination, and guidance to fuel the youth. To bring out their inner best and believe in themselves that they too can fulfill their dreams through education or sports. LaQuan doesn’t just cater her speeches to athletes but to all that have dreams or goals in their life; to have faith and hope to accomplish them.