Magazine & Books

Book:Finding My Lost Soul

Finding My Lost Soul - it was an idea of someone LaQuan knew and it was just sitting there unfinished. LaQuan inspired that person to focus on finishing the book and adding her thoughts and ideas to finish the project. Once the book was complete LaQuan started editing the book and putting the book together. Once complete LaQuan got the approval to publish it to make it come alive. 

The book is about:  Lula(young girl) is no different than a lot of us that have lost their inner spirit, and hope when a devastating event has occurred. We tend to take on our battles alone, instead of trusting in our relationship in God to lead us, and carry us through our times of troubles and disappointments. We have to let go and let God just a Lula realized in the end. However, it's too bad she didn't realize earlier that silver and Gold is not more important than the Love and goodness you can feel through believing in the name of Jesus. Lula was beaten, prostituted, and contemplated suicide before she realized what Grace and Mercy meant. Thanks to God, Lula is now at peace. She can go back home to Angelwood, Texas as a matured woman ready to heal and live again

Book:Ernestine "MU" Stallworth's Southern cookbook

This book shares just a few recipes of a good ole southern cook.  She was basically the Madea of the city and surrounding areas. She would cook enough food for the entire town. Taking her old southern ways and implementing them into the new world. This book is dedicated to LaQuan's grandmother Ernestine Stallworth.


This magazine was put together to discuss real life stories, real people telling their story to motivate and inspire others. The idea came with LaQuan taking the time to study and listen to others and give them the platform to voice their thoughts and issues. With the help of an acquaintance, LaQuan took this bull by the horn and created "America Let's Talk" on the Real.